About Us

Why Choose Us

Over the past 20 years we at Cynthia's have had the pleasure to teach more than 5,000 students age 2-92! Our observation windows allow you to watch your child during his/her dance, voice or piano lessons. Our goal as dance and music educators is to bring laughter, fun, music and dance into the lives of young children, teens and adults. An education at Cynthia’s builds:

  • * a greater sense of self-esteem
  • * respect
  • * discipline
  • * leadership
  • * creativity
  • * enhanced physical fitness
  • * a greater sense of connectedness to their fellow students
  • * develops a solid foundation for your child’s future endeavors.  

There are no untalented children, but some children never get a chance to shine. Perhaps they were never encouraged, or no one took the time ….at Cynthia’s we take the time.

All the students do an end of the year performance at Carson Middle School. Throughout the year there are performance opportunities for our company dancers at local malls, nursing homes, parks, and other venues. Many of our students also participate in service projects at the studio. Guest choreographers from NYC visit Cynthia’s and works with our pre-professional tap, ballet & jazz companies.

Cynthia's School of Dance and Music is one of a few studios that ensure safety is a top priority. You can entrust your child to our experienced teachers who all have Act 34 & 151 clearances. At Cynthia's School of Dance and Music your child can learn to sing, dance and play the piano all under one roof.